ORVTLA Futurity

We are excited to announce that C&C Cattle Company and the Ohio River Valley Texas Longhorn Association will be hosting a Texas Longhorn Futurity with the 2023 ORVTLA show. After the Futurity being gone for a year we are super excited to bring the amazing event back and even more excited to be a large part of the event. We will take a great pride and honor into hosting one of the best Futurities in the industry and give it our all to make this event fun and exciting. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by visiting our Contact Us page above. Stay tuned and keep watch for the Futurity entry forms as well as Sponsorship Forms right here on this page. We will be sending a small mailing list this Spring, to be put on the list please get a hold of us! 

   Colton R. Courtney (ORVTLA Futurity Chairman) 


Click the link below for futurity entry forms and sponsorship opportunities! Or go direct to the ORVTLA website at www.orvtla.com for forms and more information!
Entry Forms
Sponsorship Forms